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Windows 10 for Users

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, many business professionals find themselves regularly performing a greater number of work-related tasks from a variety of devices. You may find yourself included in this group of multiple-device users. But, you still perform a majority, or at least a large part, of your work from a desktop or a laptop computer.


With the release of Microsoft® Windows® 10, Microsoft has made strides in bridging the gap between your laptop or desktop PC and a variety of mobile devices. Developing an understanding of how to accomplish your day-to-day work tasks in this new environment will push you one step closer to being able to comfortably work from a number of platforms, and a number of devices, nearly anywhere you go. Once you've gained a foundational understanding of how to operate within the Windows 10 environment from your PC, you'll be able to take full advantage of the many sharing, storing, and multi-platform benefits inherent in the Windows 10 operating system.

Course Content
Lesson 1: Logging On
  • Using the space bar

  • Switching User

Lesson 2: Setting up your PC with Sign-in Options
  • Setting up a PIN

  • Setting up a Fingerprint

  • Setting up Facial Recognition

Lesson 3: Start Menu
  • Power(shutdown/restart)

  • Settings

  • Index Panel

  • Pinned App Tiles

  • Customization ( Moving tiles, renaming groups)

Lesson 4: Taskbar
  • Searching

  • Task View (Windows key + tab)

  • Taskbar new app view

  • Show Desktop

Lesson 5: Enhanced Windows Features
  • Snap Assist

  • Dragging to Dock  (Windows + Arrow keys (left or right))

  • Use Four Quadrants

  • Enhanced Snipping Tool

  • Delay Feature

Lesson 6: File Explorer
  • Network Drives will be mapped as before

  • Name Changes

  • Quick Access, Frequent Folders and Pinning

  • Recent Files

  • New Ribbon Interface

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