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Microsoft Teams Collaboration


Microsoft Teams is not just another app but a new experience that brings together people in a digital, open environment that makes work visible, integrated, and accessible across the team so everyone can stay in the know.   Conversations and content allow team members to easily collaborate and achieve more. The natural integration with familiar Office applications, especially Outlook, provides both a tremendous opportunity and a modern interface for how you and your teams get work done.



Topic A: Overview of Microsoft Teams
  • Teams App

  • Teams

  • Channels and Tabs

  • Conversations

  • Calls and Meetings

  • Collaboration with Office 365 Apps

  • Teams Mobile

  • Assessing Microsoft Teams


Topic B: Converse and Share in Teams
  • Conversations in Teams

  • Post Creation

  • @mentions

  • Save Options

  • File Discovery and Sharing

  • Profile

  • Settings

  • Notifications

  • Activity Feed

  • Follow and Favorite

  • How to Converse and Share in Teams

  • Configuring Your Teams Profile

  • Conversing and Sharing in Teams


Topic C: Call and Meet in Teams
  • Calling in Teams

  • Meet Now

  • Meeting Scheduling

  • Call and Meeting Controls

  • Persistent Meeting History

  • Call and Meeting Management Tools

  • Working While Meeting

  • How to Call and Meet in Teams

  • Initiating a Call in Teams

  • Meeting in Teams

  • Scheduling a Meeting in Teams

Teams 1
Microsoft Teams – Configuration


In this three hour training, we will learn how to setup teams and conversation channels, join other teams, and use common social media tools to enhance the conversation experience. One of the most important topics will support integrations of file storage.  Our learning experience will result in the understanding that Teams can act as your “hub” for “all things collaboration.”


Topic A: Configure Teams
  • Team Creation

  • Team Organization

  • Team Access

  • Team Configuration Defaults

  • Team Roles

  • Team Management

  • Team Settings

  • Connectors

  • How to Configure Teams

  • Creating and Configuring Teams


Topic B: Configure Channels
  • Channel Organization

  • Channel Workflow

  • Channel Creation

  • Channel Configuration and Sharing Options

  • How to Configure Channels

  • Creating and Configuring Channels


Topic C: Configure Tabs

  • Tabs

  • Default Channel Tabs

  • Default Private Conversation Tabs

  • Files as Tabs

  • Apps as Tabs

  • Websites as Tabs

  • Custom Tabs

  • How to Configure Tabs

Teams 2
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