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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Basics (Level 1)

PowerPoint is a presentation software program that is part of the Microsoft Office package. PowerPoint uses a graphical approach to presentations in the form of slide shows that accompany the oral delivery of the topic. This program is widely used in business and classrooms and is an effective tool when used for training purposes.

PowerPoint is one of the simplest computer programs to learn. It is the number one program used worldwide for presentations. Anyone can create stunning presentations that look like they were designed by a professional.

Course Content – Part I                                              


Lesson 1: Getting started

        Topic A: The PowerPoint window

        Topic B: Getting help

Lesson 2: New presentations

        Topic A: Creating presentations

        Topic B: Saving presentations

        Topic C: Rearranging and deleting slides

        Topic D: Using slides from other presentations

Lesson 3: Formatting slides

        Topic A: Formatting text

        Topic B: Modifying text

        Topic C: Formatting paragraphs

Lesson 4: Using drawing objects

        Topic A: Adding shapes

        Topic B: Modifying objects

        Topic C: Using text in objects


Lesson 5: Working with graphics

        Topic A: WordArt

        Topic B: Pictures

        Topic C: Clip art

Lesson 6: Using tables and charts

        Topic A: Tables

        Topic B: Charts

        Topic C: Diagrams

Lesson 7: Modifying presentations

        Topic A: Templates and themes

        Topic B: Slide masters

        Topic C: Transitions and timings

        Topic D: Speaker notes

        Topic E: Slide shows

Lesson 8: Proofing and delivering presentations

        Topic A: Proofing presentations

        Topic B: Running presentations

        Topic C: Printing presentations

Course Content -Part II
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016: Advanced (Level II)

Take your PowerPoint skills to the next level.  You will work with graphics, media and learn to collaborate.

Course Content – Part I                                                       


Lesson 1: Customizing PowerPoint

        Topic A: Application settings

        Topic B: The Ribbon

        Topic C: Custom themes

Lesson 2: Using graphics and multimedia

        Topic A: Images

        Topic B: Media clips

        Topic C: Animations 

Lesson 3: Customizing SmartArt graphics, tables, and charts

        Topic A: Customizing SmartArt graphics

        Topic B: Customizing tables

        Topic C: Working with Chart Tools

Lesson 4: Action buttons, custom slide shows, and equations

        Topic A: Interactive elements

        Topic B: Custom slide shows

        Topic C: Equations



Lesson 5: Distributing presentations

        Topic A: Collaborating with others

        Topic B: Finishing a presentation

        Topic C: Distributing presentations

Lesson  6: Integrating Microsoft Office files

        Topic A: Building slides from Word outlines

        Topic B: Embedding and linking content

        Topic C: Working with hyperlinks

Lesson 7: Securing and Distributing a Presentation

        Topic A: Secure a Presentation

        Topic B: Broadcast a Slide Show

        Topic C: Create a Video or a CD

Course Content – Part II
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