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Microsoft Project 2016 Basic (Level I) 


Microsoft Project helps you easily plan projects and collaborate with others. Stay organized and keep your projects on track with the only project management system designed to work seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and cloud services. Always know how your tasks come together and identify which tasks are the most critical to your project’s success.


Course Objectives  Students will learn how to create and modify task lists, establish a project schedule, create calendars, assign resources to tasks, track costs, and work with different views and tables. Students will also apply filters and groups, and sort task and resource data. Finally, they will learn how to resolve resource conflicts, create baseline plans, monitor and update projects, analyze project statistics, handle delays and conflicts, create reports, share resources, consolidate projects, and customize Project.

Course Content: Part I                                           
Unit 1: Getting started

        Topic A: Project management concepts

        Topic B: The Project window

        Topic C: Project files

Unit 2: Tasks

        Topic A: Creating a task list

        Topic B: Modifying a task list

        Topic C: The Work Breakdown Structure

Unit 3: Task scheduling

        Topic A: Task links

        Topic B: Task relationships

        Topic C: Task options

Unit 4: Resource management

        Topic A: The base calendar

        Topic B: Resources and calendars

        Topic C: Sharing Resources

Unit 5: Filters, groups, and sorting

        Topic A: Filters

        Topic B: Groups

        Topic C: Sorting tasks and resources

Unit 6: Finalizing the task plan

        Topic A: Finalizing schedules

        Topic B: Handling resource conflicts

Project 1
Course Content Part II

Microsoft Project 2016 Advanced (Level II)


In Microsoft® Project 2016: Level 1, you learned the basic features of Microsoft® Project 2016 during the planning phase of a project. Microsoft® Project 2016: Level 2 covers the advanced knowledge and skills a project manager needs to update a project plan in Project 2016 during the execution, monitoring, and controlling phases of a project. In other words, once your project plan is approved by the project sponsor, this course will enable you to manage the project so that it is completed on time, within budget, and according to scope.


Course Content: Part I                                                 
Unit 1: Using templates and importing data

        Topic A: Working with templates

        Topic B: Creating projects from other programs

Unit 2: Managing a project

        Topic A: Setting baselines

        Topic B: Updating an active project

        Topic C: Monitoring progress

Unit 3: Analyzing and adjusting the plan

        Topic A: Analyzing the plan

        Topic B: Delays and conflicts

Unit 4: Working with reports

        Topic A: Standard reports

        Topic B: Visual reports

Unit 5: Customizing Project

        Topic A: Custom views

        Topic B  Gantt chart formatting

        Topic C: Custom fields

Unit 6: Managing multiple projects

        Topic A: Consolidating and sharing projects

Unit 7: Exchanging project information

        TopicA: Hyperlinks

        Topic B: Exporting to Office applications

Project 2
Course Content Part II
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